Cutting Die Storage - Sharing one of my better ideas!

Up until today I have been storing my nesties and other dies on the inside of my craft cupboard door held up with some strong magnets. While they are strong the weight of the entire package still would pull down to a degree, they never fell off but it would get an untidy hang pattern and as I get more dies its getting more inconvenient. This is how it was.

So inspired by something I saw about three years ago I was thinking if I could magnetise the inside of the doors I could save space and have a neater result.
I found Aussie magnets and bought a metre of self adhesive 0.6mm sheet magnet.
I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today!!

I measured up my door insets and left about a 1cm for variance in cutting and probability that the door space was not 100% square, so it doesn't go right up to each edge but I'm OK with that.

I measured it up and drew lines on the back of the adhesive and cut it with my kitchen scissors, it was so easy  to cut!

I did the bottom of the door first and put all of my dies in place, I am so happy with it!

Then I added a second piece to the top, and with the smaller strips I had cut off in levelling the edge cut by the business I stuck them to the back of some of my cards and artwork. Now everything  'magneted' in place!

My cupboard looks so much better now, and I still have a sizeable section of self adhesive magnet left, it was quite a generous 1m. I might use some on the second door but I'm not rushing in to it at this stage I already have plenty of room for more Nestabilities : )


  1. Now that is one very clever idea...thanks for the inspiration Tammy!

  2. Fantastic T!!
    ...and plenty of room for more dies ;)

  3. That's clever! I love it!

  4. Genius idea Tammy!!! sure to be CASED!!

  5. Great idea, very resourceful.

  6. Very clever and so much neater and so easier to find and grab. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Tammy that is one of the most amazing ideas that i've seen in a long time :)

  8. What a super idea, Tammy! Love it!


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