A week in the life

I am going to try and document a week in my life, along with Ali Edwards this week but I haven't been planning and preparing. I saw something relating to it last week or the week before perhaps and thought, this would be a great time to document a week in my life.
Theres a lot happening, and so many times lately I think I need to 'Scrap' a something a child currently says or does. I have had fleeting thoughts about this project before which are usually 'theres nothing to document', but as I feel life moving by so quickly now I want to hold on to what may be ordinary in this period just for a little longer. The good and the Bad. So I'm going to go for it. :)

Without realising Alis project was happening this week I went ahead and booked an appt for Friday after a seemingly amazing opportunity presented itself to me/us this week.
I thought about it a little today, when I read Alis prompts on twitter.
I'm starting tomorrow. *edit* maybe Thursday actually ; )

Have any of you done this before?


  1. I haven't but one of my friends is a huge AE fan and does most of her challenges. Have you got a little notebook where you can write down all the happenings. I wish i had done that when my kids were little (very pre-scrapbooking days) now i have to go by memory and although we think that we will never forget we do. So write it down Tammy.

  2. I haven't done the week one. I did a December Daily book in 2008 which was good. And I'm managing to still be going with my photo a day for this year. It definitely interests me though since time disappears all too quickly.

  3. Good Luck! I hope you gain some valuable insight! xo m.


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