A week in the life - Tea

This is how my cup appeared during my 'A week in the life' photos. It really played a starring role ;)

I bought this cup when I was pregnant with my daughter so its about 7 years old ... 6 1/2 maybe. It has sentimental value to me and I love it.


  1. ...and now it is a famous cup :)

    I didn't realise we had the same kettle. lol!

  2. Oh I have a favourite cup too! Although mine is not sentimental, just a great cup for my morning coffee :) xox

  3. That would make a fantastic LO idea now you have got me thinking?? what is my favourite go to thing. I love scrapping the every day things it makes me happy.
    Have a good week.

  4. Cute mug Tammy! Like Jaki I have the same kettle..obviously we are women of good taste. :)

  5. Cute. I have an elephant mug that I bought in Korea before I moved to Australia that I adore. xo m.

  6. Hi Tammy, just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!

    Alas, I cannot get too attached to any mug in my house since I break about 3 a month. Terrible!

  7. thats wonderful, cute cup xxx


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