Thinking about Food.

I was so happy yesterday to spend a dedicated chunk of time in the kitchen, I made a pizza base and froze it, and a batch of pizza rolls ( the scrolly things from yesterday ) and I roasted all of those home grown tomatoes on the tray in yesterdays pics, they are now tucked up in the freezer.

Due to an attack of Caterpillars on my Tomato bushes I have harvested all the green fruit on advice from the girls at D2E forum. These are the tomatoes I picked yesterday and bought in to ripen as well as a few that were already in here ripening.

Then today I pruned the plants down and dug them out. they were in bad condition and seriously infested with these heliothis tomato grub's. As I pruned the rest down I also picked all of these green fruits. Well I did leave one plant I pruned it right back and left one small flowering bough on it. I squashed two large green grubs off it this evening. They are much easier to see in the afternoon light than in the bright sun.

So now these are all the tomatoes I am trying to ripen inside.

Over the last few months I have really lost my Focus on made as much from Scratch as possible and making at home, We have ordered Pizza twice in recent months and We ate out at McDonalds once too! It has been a LONG time since we had ordered Pizza but I don't recall ever having left home gone out eaten McD and come back home again. I know a lot of this came from my own feelings of disorganisation and displacement. I think I have gotten a hold on our living situation now after reading a few things that were A-ha moments of naming how I was feeling, Once I could acknowledge it I was better able to deal with it all.
So I am happy to report I headed out to the Markets this afternoon and bought a weeks worth of Veg for less than the cost of a large Pizza and I have a base in the freezer ready for a quick meal or if a Pizza urge hits.

As I have been recording things for my week in the life album some things appear in photos each and every day and it is certainly doing a good job of making me realise some negative habits and patterns I have; But also a reminder as I browse photos of things good and true. 
The photo of me at the sink last night shows a hand towel hanging on the oven door made by a blogging friend ( Thanks Jodie ) and to the left of the photo an Apron hanging over the cupboard door also made for me by a gorgeous friend ( Thank you Deb ) Seeing my bright napkins and handmade bread bag on top of the Microwave in tonight's sink pic makes me smile.

I'm feeling like I'm finding my way back to a better place, in terms of what we eat and the kitchen being the heart of my home. I got some coconut replenishments in my shopping so I'll be making some Chocolate Slice tomorrow. I'll only make it with Organic Coconut now as I try to avoid the terrible preservatives in the supermarket varieties of Desiccated Coconut.


  1. I think that fast food or convenience food is just that sometimes, convenient when things have gone mad. No harm once in a while :D I've spent so much time in my kitchen lately that I'm sick of the sight of it, so when Joe suggested we got get a meal at the pub before grocery shopping the other day I jumped at it. It's nice to cook from scratch and nice to save money but just once in a while you just have to have the blow out, I do it keeps me sane.

  2. We try to avoid convenience food but sometimes it is just plain hard with 7 mouths to feed when we go to town.
    Where do you get your organic coconut from? Is it very expensive? Coconut was one thing I had resigned myself to buying the shop stuff as I hadn't found it anywhere else. Thanks!


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