Some of my Day 5 a week in the life photos.

Quite a few photos I took today actually. ;)


  1. Tammy, that first photo is stunning. Love it! :)

  2. Love the teddy pic! He looks so lonely, I just want to pick him up! And something yummy to bake, I see :0)

  3. Great photos Tammy, cant wait to see your pages/album.

  4. Besides the sweet children, the scrolly things are gorgeous. Any chance of a recipe?

  5. I'm doing A Week in the Life too! Your photos are beautiful! Bet you can't wait to start putting your album together!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love all the photos. The teddy is cute, but the nicest is you in the kitchen cleaning up- how much time we spend there! It deserves to be documented! xo

  7. Loving all your photos Tammy. Such a wonderful collection of 'doing life well'.


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