My creative Space - Bits and Bobs.

These last few days my creative space ( follow the link to Kirstys for more spaces )  has been about playing and experimenting.
Layering new stamps and testing new colours, Trying different shapes with other, older and forgotten stamps.
With some success's

and some fails.

Some of those successes I can take and add to a UFO such as this 

and come out with something like this.

I find the playing and experimenting process useful in releasing some creativity and also creating new ideas and colour combinations. Sometimes having and odd little something ready to go can aid the creative process immensely.

I have also been busy this morning marking down all of the older cards in my madeit shop, my style has changed so much I'm trying to just make things a little more uniform. So all of my 6 x 4 cards are now $3.00 and the 6 x 6 cards are $4.00

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  1. I love how visiting your space teaches me so much about the paper crafting craft about which I know nothing! Have fun. its looking great.

  2. I have no skill with this craft and you make it look sublime :)... Isn't it crazy how our design style changes so much. Sometimes it is a good thing but for me it can lead to quite tangled thoughts....Lovely crafting!

  3. ooh! love the successes...those colours are divine :)

  4. Your successes look great.

  5. That looks like fabulous fun. I love playing around with combinations too. K

  6. Love your get well cards. You've really taken to paper lately- good on you! xo m.

  7. Lovely stamping! I feel very incompetent when it comes to paper crafts, but I'm trying.

  8. It is so much fun to play with colours. You are such a creative person ... very inspirational indeed.

  9. I know nothing about paper crafting but I just took a look around your blog and love what you come up with.

  10. really great stuff that you do

  11. Ooo ... I love those colors. I've never done any paper crafting, but what you have looks great!


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