Mum Can you please take care of Teddy ....

... Today? Hes not crying. Can he watch Abbeys flying fairy School?

Of Course, I'll take good care of him and make sure he has a fun day.

Teddy had the best Day doing all the things his owner loves to do. Couldn't get the smile off Mr3's face when he saw these photos of Teds day.


  1. Tammy, have you seen Monkey's Web site? Judging by these photos I think you and Mr 3 would enjoy it.

  2. That's so funny! Could you please take teddy for a trip in thecar somewhere? Go on you know you want to!

  3. Whhat a great idea Tammy and what gorgeous photos, i love Mr Teddy reading.

  4. Awwww... he must've loved that! xo

  5. You are such an awesome Mum! Fancy thinking to do something like this. Very cute Tam. I can just imagine how his little eyes lit up.

  6. Great job taking care of Mr Teddy.

  7. Tammy, that is just the cutest thing and such a nice thing for your son to see. I just love that you did that. It kind of reminds me of Flat Stanley (the drawing of a little boy) who travels around the world visiting people and various famous landmarks.

  8. What a great mummy you are!! Fabulous post Tammy xox

  9. Oh that's awesome! I should do something similar for 'doggy'. :)

  10. Hi Tammy,

    Never mind mr. Teddy will you watch me today?

    How thoughtful and I bet he loves the pictures.

  11. Tammy they are the most adorable photos EVER!!!


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