A facelift and a winner!

I've spent some time today updating and re adjusting my blog banner, fonts and Colours. I love Autumn it is without a doubt my favourite season. I wanted to capture some of that here and now.
I have a lot going on in my head as I have recently said and am generally busy, when not procrastinating here, I'm trying to find a rhythm and routine and am looking forward to the School holidays starting, This will give me a little more time as I won't be walking quite so much.
I've spent a bit of time thinking about food and diet with a flare up of Mr 3's (almost 4) eczema after some preservative and a colour we have been trying to avoid entered our home. Also after seeing an inspiring speech by Jamie Oliver accepting a TED award I believe.
I said I'd draw a winner for my cards today and would you believe it was No. 13 Lisa!

Blogger LashyLashla said...

Hi Tammy I love the card in the middle of the second row but since i won your last giveaway if I win this one I would like you to send them to Patchwork Posie because the daffodils also made me think of my Mum in England :D Lisa.x

So Posie Patchwork if you could confirm for me your two preferences and get in contact with an address I send them off to you.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Ohh Im a winner, I really ought to buy a lotto ticket with all this luck! Hope you enjoy them Patchwork Posie, Tammy's cards are delightful! xxx

  2. ohh, what a beautiful gesture, that's so nice of her.

  3. Oh I really love the new look! xox

  4. Love your new blog header, it looks "fresh" and fun. Congratulations to the winner/s.
    Haven't your school holidays started yet? I always thought that we were behind you.
    have a lovely weekend.

  5. Love the new look, Tammy! Our holidays are nearly over - fun but exhausting.

  6. The new look is great,

  7. Love the new look for your blog. I love autumn too and can see the trees changing already.

  8. Blog looks great Tammy! X

  9. Omgosh... I am realising how out of touch I have been with the world of late ... how BIG is your Little man!

  10. Your blog looks great T!!
    Love the banner, perfect autumn-y feel :)


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