Here she had having a sulk yesterday afternoon and seems to be trying not to crack a smile as Dad approached with the camera.

I tried to change my no baking status from previous post, and thought I'd change the subject here as I am sure some of you are bored to bits with my cards and Paper right now. I have plenty more to share though ...
So I decided to bake my fall back choc chip biscuits yesterday and had an impulsive 'create less washing up' moment. I put all the dry ingredients into the bowl then put in the butter and popped the whole bowl into the microwave to melt the butter, which took a while. Then I mixed it all up added the egg with caution as it was quite warm, and the choc chips ... which melted into the mix as promptly as I stirred it, I could see it wasn't going to sit in spoonfuls to make biscuits so I dumped some rice bubbles into it and made a slice. Affectionately known as Chocolate cookie rice Bubble slice with a thumbs up from everyone.

I have Pizza dough on the sill now its slowly rising.

Its lightly raining here right now so a yummy home made pizza would go down well for dinner on this cool Autumn Evening. It has been a Long time between home made Pizzas ( we even ordered on from the shops last month ... for the first time in about a year I think ... whoops ) taking Baby Steps back to a better place :).


  1. Ah Tammy never get tired of any of your posts no matter what they are. Good save on the biscuit/slice recipe and yum i could go a pizza right now. Your daughter doesn't look that sulky i can see a hint of a smile there.


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