1st Day, a week in the life.

Well I have decided on a format - in my mind that is, it may all change once I start putting it all together.
Today was an amazing day and I am feeling joyful, optimistic and also very tired after a hard night of disturbed sleep with a lil man who's Eczema was acting up and causing him discomfort and distress.

Here are a few photos from my day, I wasn't great at having the Camera at hand, forgot to take it somewhere important, and my photo taking grew less as the day went on.


  1. You have 2 washing baskets?!!
    That would be dangerous here, I'd never get anything put away if I had a second basket to take more washing out in. lol!!
    I love seeing these familar sights, looking forward to following your week.

  2. Oh my... I have five washing baskets and that still doesn't feel like enough.

  3. I agree with Sally I have 3 and they always seem to be full. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this journey Tammy.

  4. lol! I have one basket for the kids, one for me and hubby, one for the linen, one for wet clothes and one for the drier lol!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your week. I love a good sticky beak teehee xox

  5. A sweet picture of your day Tammy. I used to get excema (sp?) as a child so sympathise with your little man -- I always found the change of seasons aggravated it most.


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