Pretty Bellas.

These are what I made last night.

Its hard to see in the photos but the card stock I used with the labels 9 is a pearly iridescent finish, very pretty.
I hadn't planned on the ribbon for the home card and see now I should have put the sentiment under the bow to balance it better.

I hadn't used my Stamping Bellas for a long time, I forgot I had garden Bella.
I hope the Bellas that the cards have gone to like them : )
Today I worked on more cards and realised I was trying /thinking too hard for the design with my sewing , the answer I wanted was so obviously simple so I will move back onto that shortly.

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  1. ooh! I love your Labels 9!!
    and the bellas are perfect...I'm sure the recipients will love these cards.

  2. These are so lovely Tammy. Thanks for sharing them. So much happening in your world at the moment, and yet you find time to be creative. Well done.

  3. Beautiful Tammy!! You are doing some fantastic work atm. Love the pictures of the birds too xox


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