Tidying up the front garden.

In our front yard there have been a lot of volunteer trees sprout up over the last few years. Some privet and cottoneaster but mostly what I think was Chinese Elm. We used to Have Chinese Elm on the lawn ten years ago and have had problems with it reappearing ever since.Part of our plan was to clear away all the volunteers and remove some long dead shrubbery from the garden bed. When Dave finished yesterday I was amazed and a bit sad I hadn't taken a before shot, then I remembered that I had this from a few days ago when I was trying to photograph the King Parrots. Its not a good perspective but you will get the general idea.

This is the same area today. We didn't really realise how bad it had gotten or the total extent of what was dead.

Here is what was removed and I'll arrange to have most of mulched to go back on the garden.

While I was out there I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of the beautiful Crepe Myrtle I came home from Brisbane to see in full bloom for the first time in Years!

I hope you are having a beautiful Wednesday. : )

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  1. What a difference. Great pictures.

  2. Ohh the crepe myrtles are looking fabulous in Brisbane this year too... I think they just about grow anywhere in Oz don't they?

  3. Big difference! Makes the yard look huge too.


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