Lettuce tell a tale.

Once upon a time I impulsively bought some lettuce seedlings from the supermarket. This was about as big as they ever got, it was my first time trying to grow lettuce.

We got to eat a few baby lettuce leaves and shortly after they started to flower and bolted in the summer heat.
I collected as many seeds as I could : )

One day again spontaneously I decided to sprinkle some about on a mixture of compost and worn out potting mix. I kept them on the kitchen sill and watered them and pretty soon I saw this ...

They grew taller and leggy and after not too long got moved out into the sun and grew into this ...

I weeded out the smaller and very leggy ones over time till I was left with just eight.
This week I had to seperate them as they were getting TOO big : )

So here are my 8 lettuce now, well on their way to bigger than their predecessors. The ones in the original pot, though having been moved are still growing bigger and stronger than the ones I moved to the the deeper bigger pot. The leggy things in there are Nasturtiums .... looking quite sad and caterpillar ravaged.

It won't be long before we get some big crisp home grown ( from seed!!!!) lettuce.

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  1. A lovely tale Tammi and good on you, we cant grow anything from seed over here. Seedlings yes, seeds no.

  2. Nice work, i love picking lettuce as i need it from the herb barrel, it's brilliant. Love Posie

  3. Good on you for not giving up on the lettuce, Tammy! They are looking great now with your TLC.

  4. A lovely story Tammy and also very clever to get such a yield from supermarket lettuce.

  5. Ooh, you have some nice looking lettuces there, Tammy! Isn't it satisfying growing from seed, especially your own? :-)

  6. Congratulations on your lettuce growing - how brilliant. What a sweet reward that first salad sandwich will be.

  7. Yum Yum lettuce! Ours is sprouting too- hope they turn out as beautiful as yours! xo m.


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