A spot of Crochet

While I was away I popped a ball of this Anchor Magic line into my knitting bag. I got two balls of this discontinued yarn from my friend Sue. I crochet up this wash cloth and used the left over yarn for a bookmark. I wasn't too fussed with the gauge to get nice even stripes and am not at all unhappy with how they turned out.

My intention was not for a bookmark but I was thinking headband, as it turns out I love having something tactile to play with while I'm reading!


  1. Nice and bright :) You've done well.

  2. The colors are so nice. I love the bookmark.

  3. Um I have been meaning to make myself a wash cloth for a while. i like how bright and cheerfull these colours are - will cover my dirt easily!

    How is the house preperations for sale going?

  4. Love the colours of the Magicline. But I've made dishcloths out of them before and they take sooo long to dry. Plus the colours bleed for the first few washes. I ended up using them as potholders instead (less washing).

    Do you find the same problem with yours? -me@salihan.com

  5. What a good idea with the bookmark. Love the bright colours.


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