A little bit of Linking love.

A few weeks ago I got two awards. i don't typically do those meme awards ( I never did find out what that meant ) I know one of them had a share 7 things or seven inspiring links or something of the like attached.
I am most honoured and flattered to be given the awards but couldn't be bothered to do the work that comes with them.
I also have had some blog land fortune come may way so want to share some link love to the ladies sharing with me : )

This came to me from Debbie and truly brightened my day.

I got this wonderful award from Whacky Sue Webber : )
Thanks Sue.

Now the links I find most inspiring to go on with any of these awards you will find in my sidebars. : ) That is of course not including all of the other totally inspiring Gals I follow. I do have a very full Google reader *blush*

I was lucky to win a totally gorgeous RAK of handmade and stitched gift cards and crafty bits and bobs, wrapped most gorgeously and creatively and each item presented so beautifully from lovely Catherine

Christine's blog is a must to visit if you are at all interested in cooking, making, baking, growing or just generally self sufficiently doing!  I was lucky to be offered a jar of this girls home made blackberry jam when I put out a swap call the most amazing, generous package of not only jam but handmade soaps and seeds saved from her garden ... again stunningly packaged. Meanwhile Christine still waits for her cards I offered in exchange ... I will do them soon Christine and am just waiting on a little supply booster to do what I have in mind for you.

I leave you with a card I made as a thank you to my friend Liz who helped me beyond measure with my market stall. The markets were good and profitable for those of you who asked. I sold all of the furniture pictured in my hallway a quantity of clothes and toys and will be selling the remaining clothes in size and gender bundles on Ebay for what ever is offered : ) It's well worth it if you have outgrown kid things to clear out, my only advice would be prepared to haggle and in some cases I refused to sell due to ridiculously low offers in the closing minutes.

Hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday.


  1. Thank you Tammy for your sweet mention and I'm so pleased you liked the pressies. Glad to hear you had such a successful market on Sunday it's sad and a relief to get rid of the baby things that you don't need anymore. Pretty card, love the bird in the cage.:)

  2. Tammy, your beautiful, kind words absolutely made my day..thankyou. Well done on a successful market day, I'm pleased to hear it went well. I really struggled when it came to clearing out our baby items, but it was totally unrealistic to expect to hold on to it all. It is nice to know that they are out there getting another use. Thanks again, xx


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