Today you exited the double doors at School red bag held aloft. From metres away you shouted so excitedly "Mum, we got homework!!!"

I hope you can always be this excited about homework and am so proud of how you are embracing learning to read. You already know 10 of the 12 sight words they gave you without thought and asked to whisper something in my ear as you met your Brother and I in the playground. The very serious request was that you be allowed to stay up a little late to do your homework. I told you we would work on it after afternoon tea and you thought thaty was a better idea!

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  1. AH so gorgeous! My girls are so keen to do their readers each night and flipped when they got their 'home work books' - which is really just a quick run down of the things they did that week at school in case we want to practice at home.... so nice to see them so keen!

  2. So cute! My daughter loves doing homework too.

    ~ Sarah

  3. oh Boy T!!!she is already scheming at staying up late....hee hee....
    My girls have been known to ask their teachers for more work!! ...not these days of course :)

  4. How cute! I've got one who loves everything about school and will go that step further to make her homework look impressive. My other child does the bare minimum at the last minute. Lets hope Miss R's enthusiasm is long lasting :)

  5. Oh how sweet. Yes I hope that stays with her through out her school life. My son certainly doesn't share her enthusiam. LOL

  6. Ah, so cute at this age!

  7. What a little darling Tammy :D

  8. You have a gorgeous girl! enjoy these happy days.

  9. Oh - that is so lovely. What an angel.


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