a bit of Autumn greenery.

Here are my lettuce seedlings. I saved seed's from my previous non performing in the heat lettuce, planted it, and it grew! I have pulled out all the smaller weaker plants and will transplant these in the next week or two.

Look whats happening after the rain in a pot that previously held my viola's. Getting ready for a bumper crop.

This optimistic little mystery fella coming from the bottom of my compost bin.

And my lavender coming back so beautifully after lots of TLC. Anyone remember when I moved it? Its obviously smaller now but looking so much healthier all the new growth shooting up from the base makes me feel so relieved and proud.

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  1. I love saving seed and I love those self-seeding volunteers. Most of our 60 pumpkins were harvested from vines that popped up by themselves!
    Yay for gardens!

  2. I'm glad we didn't have any lettuce growing here b/c it would have died last week with all of the heat we have been getting. What is that growing out from under the compost bin?

  3. Great work Tammy. Um you have inspired me to reseed some lettuce seeds and hope to get another crop before the winter (crossing my fingers).

    I think it is a pumpkin growing from the compost...

    So good when a transplanted plant survives! Lavander is pretty hardy. We have (well actually I HAVE) plans to move a few plants over winter to get thr front garden right.

  4. Looks like your garden is still thriving and recreating. Hope my recently sowed seeds germinate soon- can't wait to see the results. xo m.

  5. The lettuce is looking great! I always feel lost when we don't have lettuce growing, it's such a staple. I would also agree that your mystery plant looks like a pumpkin. Seeing the 'volunteers' emerge is so much fun.

    Well done with the lavender. I have just taken some cuttings of our lavender and hope they strike, it's such a good bee attracting plant for the vegie patch :-)

  6. Could be pumpkin or perhaps rockmelon? How exciting... looking forward to finding out.
    Good on you for saving the seeds... that lettuce is going to taste wonderful - full of all that yummy satisfaction.


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