The Sleeping Mango Tree.

A story by Miss 5. Illustrated by Miss 5. Dictated by Miss 5 and written by me. Additional Colour added after the first scanning of this, in the first scanning the second last page was lost somewhere in our files and added later

Authors note:- Something Funny happening here is that the girl can't even hear how loudly the tree is snoring because she is snoring too!


  1. Great story Rachel and wonderful illustrations!!

  2. This is such a sweet story she made and her drawings to go along with them a so cute. It will be something to look back on later and smile.:)

  3. Fantastic story and beautiful illustrations :) That's something i would laminate and bind and sit it proudly on the bookshelf.

  4. Oh that is so cute : o )

    Great imaginations... My favourite is the hug.

  5. You have to keep this and bring it out on her 21st. Way to cute.

  6. Very fun story Miss 5! I especially love the author's note. : ). xx m.

  7. If only you could bottle the way kidlets think so us boring old adult persons could get in on the action!

  8. What a lovely story and beautiful illustrations!


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