Happy Valentines Day.

One for me and one for each of my little ones. Miss 5 embraces Valentines Day so enthusiastically though I am not at all sure why as we never have made a big deal about it. Its still raining here, our backyard is like a big puddle after such constant rain following a long dry. My tomatoes are looking very refreshed though : )

Happy Valentines Day to you all.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Tammy.

  2. Happy valentines day to you too Tammy

  3. Oh sweet, Happy Valentine's Day too, love Posie

  4. What a cute drawing. Happy Valentins Day.
    xx Linda

  5. Happy Valentine's Day Tammy! I love your little girl's cards to you, very sweet. My Miss 6 made one for her dad yesterday, even giving him a present too, her precious flower ring.:)


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