Feeling creative.

I have been sewing !
and more importantly I updated my madeit shop ! My needle books are finally listed and I have put up quite a few of my favourite collage style cards too!

I'll be back to share the sewing when I'm finished. Its busy busy busy here with home makeovers being planned and in progress, cooking, cleaning, family and now the sewing bug hits! 

I hope you are having a lovely relaxing weekend. I love the Saturdays we are all at home together.


  1. Your needle books look great!!
    Have fun sewing :)

  2. Have a great weekend Tammy !

  3. Yay!! Saturdays are fabulous aren't they?! Hope you too have a wonderful weekend sewing and hanging out. Shop looks fab!! xox

  4. Hey Tammy - good to hear from you! Great stuff you are getting lots done. I hope it is all working very smoothly!


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