Thanks Santa.

Miss5 got an origami book for Christmas, yesterday she asked me to make her something and it was this frog. My version 'Freddie' is a little more lopsided than the one in the book but he is still loved. We rescued the eyes from the discarded 'Eggy' who was thrown away yesterday too. 'Eggy' was seeds raised in an egg shell providing hair for the face on the side of it, made last year at pre school.

Freddie the frog

Yesterday evening As I was heading out to water the neighbours garden and my other neighbour was coming in with a bag of fresh corn cobs, Zucchini and sweet capsicum, he told me there was something big in my mail box ...

20 fat quarters of cool Nicey Jane!

I was so lucky to win this through my dear Santa letter and the wonderful give away that the fat quarter shop hosted in December. It is seriously beautiful fabric.

I have been working my way through a big catch up 'to do' list and am really happy with my progress, have a new resolve to get back in to less food waste practices. Plans to stock my made it shop with some great new items I have had ideas for in the paper and sewing realms.  Also big plans for some home decore /makeover projects this year. The type of home decore that require's mod podge, hot glue and staple guns not the type that require fabric wadding and sewing machines. ; )

I just have to finish working through my to do list.
A tutorial.
3 P.I.F's from last year.
A swap item.
A few cupboards.
Some floors and
some more Kitchen fun.

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  1. Freddie the frog is very cute!!

  2. The frog is cute and gosh, all that fabric is just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it all sewn up :)

  3. Lovin' Freddie! Will we get to see more origami creations from you? :)
    And congrats on your win, lovely material.

  4. Gorgeous material! Congrats!

  5. Amazing fabric! You are so lucky- but no one deserves it more. Glad to hear your optimistically organized- can't wait to see your creations as the year unfolds. xo m.

  6. Your list isnt that long, and i agree with everyone the frog is cute and the fabric gorgeous-lucky you.
    mm modge podge and hot glue soinds interesting.

  7. What a great present to get from Santa!;) I love the origami frog Tammy, very cute.:(

  8. I would thank Santa too! I remember making all those cute paper animals when my boys were small, a few more years and I can make them again with Daisy. I still have the books and a bit of paper.

    We finished up more ice cream last night this last batch was made in the snow, let it freeze on the garden table that was deep with fresh snow. The way we did it when I was young.

    I can't wait to see what you end up making with all your pretty fabric :)


  9. Nice stash of fabric tammy - lucky duck!

  10. God Score T....gorgeous fabric as you say...i wonder what you will create with it?...have fun :)

  11. ohhhh you lucky girl! winning that gorgeous fabric! well deserved and just adore the sweet note from santa, well you must have been a good girl!


  12. What gorgeous fabrics - they all go so nicely together!


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