Sugar Soap didn't work ...

So I still have a big brown square on the pale blue wall ... as I laid in bed this morning looking around I became painfully aware of the three yes three different shades of white in our room and the blue walls and ceiling. Sigh.

I also just want to clarify something about my Oriental lily painting. Its not that I am flippantly tossing it away, I did put effort and love into painting it 8 years ago but what inspired it and how I was feeling at that time are no longer relevant in my life. There are things I love more or that are more deserving of space in my home. So Lillies are waiting in the corner and de constructed but will go out sometime soon. Its not 100 % easy ... but not really difficult either when I keep the concept of us, home, family and personal growth in focus.

Yesterday I put this together as something new to hang in our Bedroom. I cut and complied a stack of Black and white photos and put them in this Box frame that has been under our bed for a LOOONG time. I always thought it was black but as I dusted it off it is actually dark cherry coloured wood! Even better than black : )
I think it cost about $15.00 for the photos, a lot of which I didn't use here, as well as the card stock I anchored them on. I had most of the photos printed as 2 per 6x4 mobile phone prints and a few 6 x 4's as well. 

As the Sugar Soap didn't get the stain off and keeping in mind we are no longer stagnating, thinking about selling ... this is our living room floor right now. Good bye soon to blue walls and ceiling ...

Lets just hope I am more capable at painting now that I am not 8 months pregnant. That's the last time I tried and I found it most frustratingly difficult. I'm not expecting a walk in the park here but do expect it to be less laboriously difficult without the big tummy and tired Mummy.

Home made Pizza tonight (Sorry Linda)

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  1. I find a good multipurpose Enjo cloth gets all sorts of things off our walls.
    You'd be thrilled "Girls Wear Blue Too" that we went to a pool party today for an 8y.o girl & everything was blue, jelly, drinks, cakes, balloons, napkins, cups - the lot!! It's her favourite colour & sure enough, her bikini & sun shirt . . . all blue. Love Posie

  2. I love the picture you have put together there Tammy. :D

  3. Hmmm maybe the rest of the wall has bleached/faded in the light & behind your pic is the original wall colour ?

  4. I love the colours you are considering for the repaint :)
    The frame looks great, can't beat family photos out on display!!

  5. Tammy I love your new pic! what a gorgeous thing to look at and make you smile!

  6. Your photo collage in black and white looks lovely and really effective. I love the colours in those colour charts, can't wait to see what you choose.:)

  7. Hey dont worry my last meal before starting my diet was Pizza from the local store and it was soooo nice.Your photo box looks amazing, i love balck and white such a great effect. Now my advise for painting if you are selling, keep to soft colours. My friend sold their house and it took ages the realtor said that it was because of their super modern bright colours on the walls. Can you come and paint our house when you are finished?
    Enjoy your pizza

  8. OH bugger sugar soap did not work ... ummmm

    On the bright side I like the colours you are looking at and I REALLY like the photo collage you made - brilliant!

  9. Great photos - beautiful to have hanging on the wall.

  10. Those colors are just yummy, Tammy! No way you would be able to remove that mark on the wall -- I'm certain (as greentara13 said) that your exposed walls have faded. Enjoy putting something fresh on those walls, to go with that wonderful collage.

  11. Beautiful photos! Yes repaint I say. Even if you just do a feature wall for now. Can't wait to see what you choose! xox

  12. Oh Tammy I know what you mean about painting...I tried once but got in an awful mess and had to get my Dad to finish it off for me. I tell myself..."it can't be that hard"! Thinking of enrolling in a Bunnings DYI class to learn how to do it properly. Love your photo board.

  13. Those photos are awesome. Good luck painting once you finally get all the supplies together. I am sure it will look lovely. xo m.

  14. That is a really beautful photo feature! Such a lovely idea. Good luck with the painting, Christine

  15. love the pics uve put together tammy, gorgeous and something to treasure


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