Realisation hits!

If you have been reading my blog for a long time you might remember me talking about potential Renovations to our house around mid to late last year. We started talking about our living situation and space about two years ago. We looked at new, were uninspired by moving, thought about knock down rebuild and eventually stared talking to a builder. We got some drawings done for a new kitchen, meals and family room. Which would give us a beautiful open plan living area and two living spaces. This would be a vast improvement but still not ultimately what we were aiming for. Both the cost and size of our block being prohibitive to what our ideal was. We are not wanting a crazily extravagant 'keeping up with the Joneses' place. We have just out grown this one. As the children get older it is getting harder and causing more dissatisfaction.
The Mr was not definitely keen for the Reno.
At the start of this year when I was choosing my 'word' I heard something that really struck a chord in me about people who don't even take care of the little details of their life. EG, They hate their office space and complain about it but don't try to improve it.
I realised that while I wasn't complaining I wasn't taking care of the details of environment in our home. I started thinking a lot about window coverings and paint colours and a bit about furniture. Then came my ever growing fascination with the DIY ( see new blog list on the left ) and decorating blogs. I have been making big plans. Tired of making do, getting inspired and ambitious to take on some things that I thought were beyond my skill set. Then earlier this week I had a BLINDING realisation.
I don't love this house any more.
Its not just us as a family that have out grown it, its me as a person. Being in a totally different place to where I was when I first bought it Just over 10 years ago, having changed a lot in my priorities, preferences and needs.
I don't love this house any more. I try to make it our home but its hard for us to fit. I broached moving with Dave and another on of those slap in the face realisations ... I Finally realised the depth of his dislike of this house too. Then they just kept coming, I had opened the doors!

I bought this print a couple of years after the house, I had purple bedding at the time and it has always hung above my bed its 105cm by 75cm and I fell in love with the linnen-ish texture of the paper  ... you can't even see the texture in the frame : ( Dave has lightly asked me with a laugh a couple of times if we could take it down and I always just say No. I do love it ... but when I think about it with this new mindset it doesn't go in 'our' bedroom. It doesn't reflect us. So yesterday I took down 

This painting I did in 2002 - and yes have outgrown too. Its probably destined for the bin this weekend. I moved another hall way artwork and put the giant print in the hall ... which it where it was hanging when I took that pic with flash, its not quite that vibrant IRL. So I see our environment growing up a little in the coming months. I have taken on a 365 item de clutter too. Hopefully by the end of the Year we will have moved but in the meantime I'm cleaning up and bringing our home to a point that reflects us. Not the stuff we have outgrown. We are no longer stagnant.

Only problem is that when you move an artwork that has been in place for 6 + years unmoved you end up with a big 105 x75cm mark on the wall above the bed ... any tips on how to get rid of it? Do I have to paint ... tee hee ... : )

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  1. Nice you have made a decision. I kind of feel the same about my house, a bit more like it's just a temporary place... hopefully I will be inspired by you and either start putting more love into it or actually think of other solutions. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  2. Wow, massive decisions. I can imagine people falling out of love with art. Shame it was great. Love Posie

  3. Just making the decision is always 50% of the journey IMO Well done Tammy.

  4. Yep, I think you do have to paint. I've never heard of any other way to remove such marks.
    In any case, people say that it's easier to sell a house that is freshly decorated, so it might turn out to be a Good Thing.

    Good luck with it all. It sounds really exciting.


  5. I've used diluted Simple Green to remove pretty much anything off a wall. Just don't scrub too hard or you really will have to paint! :)

    I'm in the same place with my home, though I do love (mostly) the location, the home itself can go fry. ;)

  6. MMM big decisions.Our lives are for ever changing and our children growing older thus our needs also change. Good luck.
    Are you really going to throw away your art work? Yes I know where do you draw the line.

  7. Congratulations on making such a big decision. Living in a temporary environment can be challenging, but the positive is that it takes you to where you want to be. I wish you all the best with your plans.

  8. Nothing freshens a room like a pain job! Good luck with your home search. Heres hoping you find the "right" home at the "right" time

  9. I so totally follow what you are saying!

    Um on the wall issue. Would cleaning the wall with sugar soap solve this issue??? I asked hubby he said try that first then repaint....


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