Morning Tea

A cherished friend has moved back to town.
 I haven't seen her for 3 1/2 years.
I invited her over for Morning Tea. I made a cake.
It has a vegetable hidden in it.

I forgot she's a Coeliac. Silly Billy I am. More Cake for me.

We drank Tea
I talked a lot.

I see many more morning teas in our future, I guess I'll be sharing something gluten free here one day soon. ; )
Did you spot the hidden Vegetable?

Chocolate Zucchini cake.


  1. MMmmmm. That looks yummy!

  2. This is so yummy! I miss my breakfasts with something like this on my table!

  3. ooo i was going to say Beetroot.

  4. i have a coeliac friend too - there are so many excellent recipes these days! the ones with almond meal are esp. yum! i'm on a diet so right now i could eat that whole cake in one chomp!

  5. yum yum yum!!

    Check out

  6. that looks yummm Tammy!
    I NEED to bake something today, don't know what though..hmmm
    enjoy your day ♥

  7. wow I have heard of beetroot but no not this...

  8. Hey T!! It has had a few mentions around my neck of the woods of late...your version looks nice n moist...bon apetit'
    have you managed to sue the fleece yet x

  9. I've seen a recipe for this before but have yet to try it - looks yummy!


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