More Bread and some needle books.

I have been making us bread using Rhonda's tutorial recipe the last couple of days. I did try her modified recipe that she posted on her blog a few days ago but it was not received as well being a heavier bread so I went back to the original and its good.

Today's bread on its second rise.

Dave ( my partner ) is a big fan of fruit bread and goes through stages of buying that thick sliced Cafe style that his brother introduced him to a year or so ago ( Thanks ) He doesn't always have fruit loaf in the freezer but often does. Yesterday I decided to try my hand at it and had a play with Rhonda's basic recipe, added a few extra ingredients and the result was quite a tasty fruit bread ... not quite right as a 'fruit bread' for our palettes but a perfect finger bun flavour IMO. The kids loved this for morning tea.

Fruit bread

I have been working on some more needle books - two styles and will put these up in my madeit shop as soon as I can take some good photos and work out the pricing. This is the two.

Does anyone have any tips for me on how to go about pricing these for sale? They are die cut felt, entirely hand stitched and beaded. Covers are double felt. I have some ideas but am not sure if I am being realistic


  1. Gorgeous can be hard to price hand made, especially where 'time' is concerned...are they wool felt/synthetic, how much does your stock cost + what you feel you are comfortable with for your time would sum it up for me...good luck..they are very sweet :)

  2. Lovely looking bread!!
    Now handmade is finally getting the price & apperciation it deserves. Depending on costs including the pins & needles inside, you have to also include the unique & designer product factor. Also see how they compare to other products in similiar style/ range & take it from there. If you work out a price based on how many you can make in say 3 hours at $30 per hour labour, good place to work out their value. Don't price on what you think people would pay, charge what they deserve!! Love Posie

  3. Those needlebooks are so pretty Tammy and your fruit loaf looks good enough to eat.....I may have to go and make some :0)

  4. You've been busy creating such lovely...and delicious...goodies. Pricing handmade items is so hard...I am working through it with some of my cards that friends want to buy. Posie's advice seems very balanced. Thanks too for visiting my blog...I am so appreciative of the encouragement and I am having such fun. Hope you are enjoying Australia Day with your family.

  5. I just love the needle cases. Beautifully made. Better get busy stocking up for mothers day...yes it is months away but these things come around fast and I think they will be a hit!
    With pricing, I keep in mind too what I would be happy to pay. Cost of you materials doubled or tripled was another tip I got. I double my materials. So I really don't pay myself enough lol! Also check out etsy maybe and see what others a charging. Good luck!
    Bianca xox

  6. Those books are so beautiful. Sorry I am no good when it comes to pricing either. The main thing is make sure you make it fair for you - all that time and effort needs to be appreciated...

  7. Your bread looks yum. I am not allowed to eat any bread at the moment and its very hard. Your needle books look fabulous. I cant give you any help with pricing either, sorry.

  8. Gorgeous handwork. Just lovely. And I like the idea of fruit bread. I often throw in olives and walnuts. I need to remember fruit as a different flavoring. Thanks for the good tip!

  9. Gorgeous loaves!! Making bread is one of my most favorite kitchen activities----the process is so soothing, almost spiritual.

    Thank you for sharing, Tammy----you've created a lovely space on the web.

    Blessings, Patti

  10. Those needle books are absolutely stunning Tammy! Such intricate and pretty detail. Well done. xo m.

  11. Gorgeous needlecases! Beautiful stitching work! The bread looks so very yummy....

  12. Hi Tammy!!
    Sorry - I did miss the tweet. The needlebooks are STUNNING!! I love that cool shape. And the way you use the colours! Thank you for letting me know what I had missed. I hardly get anywhere online these days (must try harder, must try harder) and I would have been so disappointed to miss them.
    Kirsty xx


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