Its all to do with the kitchen.

Its where I go when I feel good, in control and organised, its where I'm in nourishing and nurturing.
When things are out of control there are dirty dishes everywhere and food prepared in advance ... what's that?? Actually what food?

This week I have made cake, muffins, and two varieties of cookies ...

Two loaves of kneaded bread and a first try at experimental finger buns. I started to get right elbow pain so took a break from the kneading.

I have made pickles and roasted tomatoes. I have Shopped for fruit and Veg, I love opening up the fridge and seeing all the colours peeping through the crisper, the full fruit bowls, strawberries and grapes there for the nibbling.

Today I made hamburger patties, A pie and a batch of bolognaise sauce which I made up into pasta lunches for my love : ) So my freezer is full of meat now some pre prepared meals and some muffins too, I still have plans for pizzas and Vege stock ... Its too hot now for stock and Pizza requires kneading so is on hold.

I'm starting to feel a bit irritable, restless ... My other crafts are feeling neglected. A pile of old T shirts call to me from a chair, 'make us into shorts'! A bag of inherited fabric calls to me from a corner in the lounge room where Dave plopped it last week 'fold me and put me away and dream of what you can make with me', a partially finished paper pursuit calls from the cupboard 'It won't take long to wrap me up'.
Their voices are not quite loud enough to rip my anchor from the kitchen where it is holding me fast.
Perhaps now I have a planner sorted ... no not my original ordered pages ... that's in a paypal dispute and claim ... with a non responsive seller. Grrr. Nonetheless I have a planner up and running now. So perhaps in the next few days I won't need the kitchen to be my primary focus area for organisation.

I did take a little time out last night to do some work on another of these. : )

This one was sent off to the USA for one of the D2E family members. So hopefully soon I'll regain a more even balance and you'll see some sewing or paper craft here and not just the very bountiful product of my work in the kitchen


  1. Your needle holder looks fantastic finished!!
    Hoping you get time for some out of the kitchen creating soon T :)

  2. Your kitchen goodies look yum yum yum! I am feeling the kitchen pull at the moment as well... but I just cannot get in there - family/holidays etc call me first... We have been trying complex foods which have turned out yum, Three more to go. Two planned for tomorrow - but we have been planning them for the last week and a half - sigh.

  3. Stop,stop,stop. You are making me so jealous and now I feel real lazy. I am on hols and havent done any of this. What happened to your planner thingy-thats terrible, and what are these gorgeous felt things with the flowers (did i miss a post) are you selling them?
    and your finger buns look delish

  4. I made bread too this morning T...not by hand though...i shall 'try' to remember to get a pic...a basic spelt white in the breadmaker. Takes about 3 hours. We are having guests tonight, i will punch little shapes from it and add a slither of cheese, salmon, caviar and an ever so small sprig of dill. The bread is always so so delicious huh, when made fresh, i dont eat it though myself but its good to have the good stuff for those who do.
    OOPs!! i just remember i promised you a pic of my stepping stone...its under a rather large and heavy rose, i guess this is why i have taken so those heals dorothy...LOL...happy weekend my friend :)

  5. Oh...and i love rachels note...for now...just frame it...or it will end up in the bottom of something. You can make it look kitcheny, by painting the frame base with blackboard paint, maybe the frame white, lay your paper in it, but i would definitely have glass or it will perish.
    I have one i was not sure what to do with and have simply framed it.
    This too i should get a pic of to show you. But i am glad i framed it all those years ago.

  6. Sounds like you have been cooking up a storm sweetie!! When things aren't organized it makes me feel really down and I also lose my inspiration to create anything. Hope you get the creative bug back very soon xo

  7. holy smokes that is some impressive baking in one week! wow, well done!


  8. too long between visits from me tammy:) im such a slacko lately. ive just had dinner and after having a catch up here -- im hungry again. everything looks so yummy and ur paper crafts are gorgeous too. hope u had a great chrissy and are enjoy the school breack

  9. So glad I found your are just the inspiration I need to get going again. I have been off my feet for almost 6 weeks following surgery before Christmas and am now having to ease back into the kitchen, garden and supermarket. My hardworking husband is VERY happy to hand back the domestic chores! Just love the needle's so beautifully stitched.

  10. I saw the bread bag on Yardage Girl, so cool!! Love Posie

  11. Hi Tammy,

    A little bird told me about your blog - I've been checking it out this morning and it's great. I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately too - today's project is bagels for australia day brunch tomorrow, and then spanakopita and moussaka for dinner tonight.

    Hope you get more use out of the bag of fabric than we did - if mum had had her way you would have ended with twice as much stuff!


    Tash (and Jo too)


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