Getting Organised

I'm going to share my completed planner set up : )
I am feeling 'quite' organised now and getting in to a routine of use with this system. I still have quite a bit of information to compile and transfer mostly addresses and birthdays.

So here is the 'paperish' project I was working on. Its a recycled acetate panel from some Christmas present box. So its a bit tattered but I like that its recycled and it now serves a purpose. This Heidi Swapp Sticker is such a good thing to look at each morning, it was originally intended to be the back of the piece.

The flip side is my word for the year and I 'Intend' to write up a list of 'my intentions' which will essentially be some goals or guidelines for how I live and what I do this year they will mainly be family and self based things.

My calendar follows. This Sunny Mummy tool is great, she has matters and mantras relating to them on each month, great little reminders of what hold us back. I have cropped all of these Sunny Mummy images to prevent illegal copying from places such as Google images ... I don't think any of my readers would do that. Go to her site for more complete images and information. On the last sleeve of the calendar I have popped in a pile of sticker to mark events, I have lots of those left from previous years calendars. The Sunny Mummy docs are A4 PDF I have trouble printing an A4 PDF onto A5 can anyone tell me how to do it? I went nuts trying so many printer settings and combinations. I ended up copying ... but printing would be a little easier and give me nicer images.

Colour coded tabs. Green calendar, Yellow day, Pink Menu plans, orange address book, blue ... Not sure what to call blue ...ready for anything perhaps.

Days broken down into people and sections and must dos and try to's.
I love the glasses of water down at the bottom to cross of as I drink them!

Menu plan has a shopping list attached, planning a week at a time is so easy for me ...Yay!

Right up at the back after the address book, I have an extra sleeve where I plan to keep a few simple hello and all purpose type cards and some blank envelopes, stamps are up at the front of the binder. So If I am out and have a minute to do something nice for someone or am rushing and its a birthday ... etc ... I will not have to do a last minute dash to grab things in the house, they are here ... I hope to plan ahead with my calendar for my card sleeve use too. having what I need ready to go in advance.

The cards currently in my sleeve are the ones I made at my SU technique class last week. Designs by Debbie Yeomans the demonstrator who's classes I attend.

Last but not least my note book, which has been serving me as a diary up until now and some pretty note paper that has been around here for years, I might yet stamp some cute corner images onto someday.

So that's it my planner ... Hope you got some inspiration from seeing it ... a month  from when I initially bought it up. I have great plans for me and this ... I just need to make a new handbag now as this wont fit in my baby dress refashioned one. So that will be coming up sometime ...soon.

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  1. Tammy,

    Your planner is fantastic!! You did a great job!!

  2. Well hello, thanks for finding me!! Wouldn't it be ace if you won my giveaway & popped the stickers into your new organiser. Love Posie

  3. Wow, your planner is amazing Tammy! I'm so impressed with your organization skills and creativity. 'Intention' is such a good word. Mine is 'Awareness'. I love the concept of a one word resolution for the year.

  4. I love your planner! I now really want one for myself! I feel that I could be so much more organized that way! You'll have to let us know how it goes.

  5. Hi Tammy, Just came across your blog via Down To Earth - love the planner. Some inspiring ideas. x

  6. Now you've finally got your planner set up it looks fantastic Tammy. I've always wanted a proper diary, but so far never managed to get myself organised with it.

  7. Well done Tammy!

    It is looking supurb and VERY through!

  8. Wow T..!! Now that is one pretty planner....i have worked a diary for years now, but i dont think i can say i have had one as pretty as that...very cool...sweet day :)

  9. Wow Tammy that is a fantastic planner/diary. So good that I followed your links and have ordered some of the refills/calendars from Sunny Mummy for me. Lucky for me I think I will prefer the A4 format with work etc.
    Love, Fione


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