Stop! I wanna get off this ride!

I thinks that's how a lot of Mums of young school age children are feeling at this time of the year.
For me in part its poor planning.
I choose activities and agree to things that I know my kids will enjoy and I think they will gain benefit from.
I lean towards 'experiences' that will potentially create happy memories for them.
However this mostly leaves my introverted, gain energy from home base, self seriously depleted.

Because of the way last week went and the only time together Dave and I had together to Christmas shop Saturday before he headed off to see his older son 3 hours away that afternoon, I was left yesterday to get the teachers gifts happening. Though I had already basically decided what to do I hadn't planned the most time effective way to get it done as my mind was elsewhere crowded. So I was finishing them this morning.

I am happy with what we got off to teachers and friend's for the last day of Pre School today ( my how quickly that year has passed ) Though I was pressed for time I did not compromise on my idea or quality of what we sent to her teachers who have done a wonderful job ... though the friends gingerbread men were quite crispy, I'm hoping they still enjoy them with children not usually being so discerning where treats are involved.

Today they are having an 'party' lunch at pre school and put out a list of preferred needs then parents wrote a name next to what they choose to bring for the group. We chose fruit as did one of Miss 5's best friends mums who told me yesterday she was doing apples, banana and watermelon. So I did Oranges, Pineapple and Grapes on my fruit platters.

I had fun using my NEW curly punch and stamps from Stampin Up on these gifts but didn't get to really enjoy it and will have to put them away for a few more days now. I have another round to do for the day carers next week. I won't hand cut and assemble the take out boxes this time though ... I need to cut a creative corner and buy ready made.

We have one more fun pre School activity planned with an end of year, outside School, sausage sizzle one of the Mums planned and invited all of the families to. Today I choose to try and focus on one job at a time, with all the washing I got done yesterday to fold and a kitchen crying out for help ( and hiding something stinky in it somewhere ) My bathroom I can not even discuss it is repulsive. So in the few hours I have today I plan to plod along to a clean easy to be in kitchen and get up to speed with my washing. Cuddles and fun with Mr3 on our last Mummy and Son day for the year.

From here on in thats what I'll try to do on my home days. My out of home work hours really kick up a notch or two now as retail gets into the extraordinarily silly season preceding Christmas day, So I will be spending a lot more time there. So I'm writing myself some lists ... checking them twice ... gonna find out ...
Oh wait that's someone else.
I'm just writing lists to give me a better perspective of what and when - it helps to remove the mind clutter too. I'm going to breath deeply, eat properly, look after me ... for them and do what I can when I can without getting overwhelmed. Happy mum, happy kids.
Deep Breath.
Happy day everyone.


  1. Seems we are in a similar place right now. Sending you *hugs*.

  2. T, i ahd the most revolting phone call from a sister last night just as i was leaving my home for yoga....i can tell you a few very deep breaths let that go in the really really does help. Stay calm my are doing a great job..stand tall, feel to you :)

  3. it gets better when they are in big school as there is only one teacher to make gifts for rather than the seemingly endless carers that touch a childs life...not that that helps you this year but know there is a light at the end of the tunnel :)

    And good on you for realising that you can only do so much, buying premade boxes and adding your special touches is ok.
    We put alot of pressure on ourselves don't we. Hugs!!

  4. Taking care of yourself is very important. Be sure to find some time for you in all the busyness of the season.

  5. the gifts look lovely Tammy you sure have put some time into them.
    The fruit platter also looks Yummy :0). Not long and it will all be over for another year.

  6. Oh Tammy everything you do looks just beautiful. Gives me so much inspiration! Keep taking those deep breaths...I have been for the past 15 years and it does get you though in the end lol!
    Love to you darling girl xx


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