Pre School Year over.

Yesterday was the last day of Pre-School for the Year.
Miss 5 is so ready for Kindergarten though I'm not sure how we will all handle 5 days a week.
This year seems to have flown by. Here she is at the start of her first day...

and here standing in the same general area at the end of her last day.
She has grown up a lot this year.


  1. You can see she has grown Tammy, and she looks very happy content and confident...well done mummy :)

  2. Ditto Debra's comment. Gosh they grow and change right before your eyes without you realising it.

  3. Want a great way of showing how much she has grown! Is kinder the same as prep or transition?

  4. What a nice idea- and she really has grown up. Beautiful. xo m.

  5. Time just flies by, doesn't it!!
    What a lovely lovely girl, you must be very proud! x


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