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I have a confession to make ....
I took my sewing machine and some stash on holidays with us!

I also took my new book. Carefree clothes for girls!
I started out with this gorgeous top, in the book it is doily embellished and has unfinished edges, but I was not really ready for that so I decided to add a hem and single hem the sleeves/frills too.

I changed it slightly not adding a seam allowance to the neck or arm openings and then completely turning the bias to the inside. This makes the neckline slightly wider. I used French seams in the construction except on the back join where I did something a little lazy ... or clever ?
I cut the pieces on the on selvedge so I would not have to finish them, what I didn't realised was that in doing this I would come out with odd pattern alignment ... Always learning something new!

Odd pattern alignment aside I love this top and so does my beautiful girl. However I realised in turning the hems etc I definitely took a chunk of the 'Carefree' out of it!

So I took the same pattern, omitted the frills, did the binding in what I read to be the suggested way, added some easy shorts ... voila! New pyjamas.

Then when we got home on Tuesday Morning I whipped up this tinker bell dress for her to wear to Pre School fairytale dress up day. The dress pattern from the same book, with the same shoulders/neck, just slightly narrower and obviously longer. I extended the size 5 length down to the size 7 length and cut the zig zags in this excess length. Soon I'll trim it off and add a bit of this and that to it and it will be a sweet light dress for summer.
I also started another of these in a bold 'Girl Scouts' print but its on hold ATM as I botched up the top stitching on the neckline and I'm trying to think of a 'something' else to tone the whole wild print down a little.

The book 'Carefree Clothes for Girls' is BEAUTIFUL. The pictures stunning, detailing on garments thoughtful and original ( but you can choose to omit the hand stitching etc .. as I did ) The pattern sheet is quite clear and the written instructions are easy to read with plenty of diagrams to show you how as well.
Its split into Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter and though there are only a small quantity of projects in it, there are not many I'm not wanting to try. So that was my relaxing holiday sewing!
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  1. I have been wanting this book since before it was even released, but it says a lot about me that it has been out for a wee while now & I've made no move to order it!

    I love that sweet fairy dress - and your sweet fairy!

  2. I love the way you have experimented with the pattern. That book sounds great.

  3. The top/pyjamas/fairy dress are all lovely, great job! I'm not brave enough to attempt anything like that yet!

  4. gorgeous!!!!!

  5. What beautiful examples of your work from this book. I just recently purchased it myself..I have pathetically only made the one hat "several times" But now I am anxious to try other things..Even if I don't have a girl big or small enough to wear them yet haha...

  6. You have been sew busy Tammy! Great tops! I have been wondering about this book for a while now. You have totally sold me on it! xox

  7. Aren't you the clever whipper upperer? Lots of lovely things in this post.Your girl looks super happy with her new clothes. be carefree...xo

  8. You make it all sound so easy - beautiful work. That butterfly fabric is divine!

  9. Gorgeous sewing T, I can see why this was your first choice from the book, it is so versatile!!

  10. Wow!1 You have been a busy bee. It's nice that you could bring the machine with your on your trip and get some sewing time in. It's something you enjoy so why not indulge a little on your vacation when your hubby can play with the kids. Love the dresses/PJs, especially the very first one. Happy creative day! xo m.

  11. OMG, they are just fabulous! I'm going to have to find that book - it looks a real treasure :) K

  12. Wow - you've really got your money's worth out of that book. Super job.

  13. I love that you made all that on your holiday. You make me feel normal. Great projects, I'm going to have to find that book now.

  14. i pack my craft stuff for hols before i pack anything else. i love the things you made especially that gorgeous butterfly top. the gal is pretty damn sweet too

  15. Gosh you have been busy. The tops are so cute and thats what holidays are all about. Doing what you like.

  16. Everything is beautiful.

  17. oh my goodness, you've been so busy and they're all totally adorable!


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