Holiday Birds.

Lots of Pictures in this post.
I'm starting out with the birds as I haven't shown my fave feathered creatures much love lately.

So one day as I walked down to the park to meet up with Dave and kids I was surprised to say the least when I saw this peacock fly up onto the roof of this greenhouse! It was just roaming around the street ... !! I have only ever seen a peacock in the zoo and never seen one fly!

At the same house we had been watching this nest in the front garden.

At the park ...

a Magpie and some lorikeets.

on the way back home ...

I guess he set his sights a little higher??

I spotted these guys roaming around the zoo. The poor little galah I noted looking a bit the worse for wear but didn't realise he was actually in trouble till I saw him being rescued by a keeper with two support team out side the fence of the Tapir enclosure. She bundled him up in a towel or cloth of some kind and carried him away.

This lone pelican was huddled so long I thought he was a fisherman in the distance, for a long while till he stood up! lol

This amazing little honey eater in our backyard. I saw these guys hovering in flight with beaks in blooms. Lovely.

You might have to look hard to spot this one as I did to try and get a photo of the chirpy swift little fella. A blue wren in the top right of the pic taken in local scrub land . He was cavorting with a Jenny who I got closer to but not a clear photo to share Sorry.

If you click on any of these images you should get a bigger version with more detail.
As you can see the bird life there was amazing and varied. I have some more blurry photos of other species. I'll be sure to take my field guide along next time!


  1. stunning photos tam, especially love the pelican one :)

  2. Gosh! You were in your element weren't you :)
    Great, happy photos!

  3. Holy that's a lot of birds! I have to admit though, I have an irrational fear of magpies. Ever since my husband and father-in-law told me stories about them pecking your ears out I stay fat away from them and if I HAVE to walk by one I kind of side-scuttle and cover my head with my hands. LOL. I am not even joking. xo m. ps. thanks I'll look into your skincare line.

  4. The duck does it for me, i love ducks. Hope you are well and refreshed.

  5. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures on your blog. I love birds they a lovely creatures.


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