Carers gifts.

Here is how the carers gifts ended up. Not exactly made up of the contents we planned due to a sick household. Baking was not a viable option.

Thank goodness I had pre stamped and cut it all and was able to assemble the toppers in advance so all that was left to do was thread the ribbon handles through and put the contents into the bags. We ended up with a block of Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate and some quality Chocolate Chip Cookies from the shops.

There were three designs all essentially the same but with different colours/shapes. The silver doileys were $1.50 for 5 and do help to transform it into a  pretty and festive looking gift.
Hope your Christmas preparation is going a little more smoothly in these final days than what we have had going on here this week.


  1. They look great T...very festive with the silver doilies and they show that you have put alot of thought and effort into gifts for these people that care for your kids :)

  2. They look wonderful!!

  3. Gorgeous Tammy! I hope you guys are on the mend and have no more illness! xox

  4. What a great use for the doilies, i will have to try and remember that. What type of bags did you use?

  5. Lovely Tammy! I adore the CHristmas card in the post below too.

    Wishing you and your famiy a very merry Christmas,

  6. Gorgeous! Very pretty and festive without overkill red and green. Merry Christmas to you and your family too! xox Meagan. Enjoy your little bloggy break.


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