The Winners are ...

I divided up the names as per order of posting and divided them for each preference.
So for Example Amy was the third poster but wanted either piece so she became the third to want the canvas and the second to want the grunge board. I did include all the OS girls who commented taking it to 5 for the canvas and 6 for the grunge board.

Hope that doesn't confuse anyone.
I'm doing my head in trying to copy the results or take a screen shot despite using Google to seek various instructions. So there is no 'official' copy.

With out further Ado.
The winner from those who wanted the Canvas is :-

Commenter 1 - Debbie

The winner from those who wanted the Grunge board piece is :-

Commenter 1 - Which in this case is Twisted Soul.

can you girls please contact me via the email link in my profile with your address details and I'll post these out ASAP.

Another Give away announced tomorrow and one on Tuesday too!
Thanks everyone.


  1. Hi Tammy I have emailed you my address thanks so much.

  2. Wow - that sounded complicated.
    Congratulations to the winners and wowa! more giveaways... Tammy you're really getting into the festive season in a big way!!!

  3. Congrats Debbie :)
    Hi Tammy, I too have emailed you. Thanks again.


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