Twirly skirt - Parisian

For the skirt I made yesterday I used the Paris street Scene Fabric I bought from Retro Mummy.
After having followed the online tutorials for the twirly skirt and the lazy days skirt I felt more than confidant enough to wing this one.

This fabric had the pattern running along either side one side had the park, carousel, single storey buildings street scenes and the other had the taller buildings. I had 1m. I cut the fabric down the centre of the length giving me two 1m scenes, I then cut each scene in half creating 4 panels. I alternated the taller buildings on one panel and the park cafes  on the second...

The panels join unevenly in terms of the images, but it is lost in the folds of the skirt : )

Showing how the panels join.  

I made a channel for the elastic in the waist of this skirt creating a pretty ruffled effect at the top.

It is a really beautiful Skirt and while it wasn't my intention at the outset, I think  this one will be a special occasions item. Now we just need a pretty pink top to go along with it. : )

I got some new fabric today : )
Will share tomorrow.


  1. Its gorgeous T...I would be making it a special occasions skirt too!

    Have fun with your boy fabric :)

  2. What a pretty skirt! Love the Paris

  3. I like to do my waistbands like that too - very pretty!

  4. Very pretty. A pink top would look nice with it.

  5. Great skirt. Great to see you're back into the swing of your sewing too :)
    Take care.

  6. Oh I heart this skirt! So wish I had have got some from Corrie too. I love the finishing on the band, very pro ;) xox

  7. I love that fabric, Tammy. The skirt is adorable, you did a great job. I don't sew, so the process sounds very difficult and mysterious to me.

  8. Well done Tammy the skirt is really pretty, the fabric just gorgeous. Your dd sure is getting spoilt lately.

  9. what a gorgeous skirt! I love it! A black top would go nicely too.

  10. Clever Tammy.... you really are a clever girl. Love this skirt and still jealous that I don't have a little girl to make skirts for! How cute is that fabric?! Great job. Anita. xx


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