Today I'm giving away some art. Now Closed winner TBA.

I used my book discount to buy Carefree Clothes for Girls: 20 Patterns for Outdoor Frocks, Playdate Dresses, and More and also Simple Sewing with a French Twist: An Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes and Home Accessories with Style.

Now for Part two of my Birthday presents ... to my readers.

These are mixed media pieces created by me in years past.

The first one is 20cm x 12 3/4ish cm. It has not much depth ... the base is 1 or 2 mm thick.
I used Synthetic fabric flowers, ink, stamps, brads, napkins, chipboard butterfly, paint, pens, paper napkins, mod podge and I think that's it but can't be sure : )
It is created on a base of Tim Holtz Grunge board giving it a great texture and flexibility.

Here are some close up details.

The Second piece is a mini Canvas.
For this one I used... Chipboard Butterfly, Paper, Card stock, rub on transfers, ink, paint, gesso ... and I think that's it but again can't be sure.
It measures 15 x 15cm and is almost 4cm deep.

Again some details.

If you would like one of these just leave me a comment and tell me which one.
I'll use a random generator to pick and give both away. : )

The new editor in blogger won't let me load photos now, is it because I said something mean about it? ... Te he he... I reverted to the old for this post.


  1. Hi Tammy they are both really beautiful but put me in the mini canvas please. you are a very talented lady.

  2. You're talent is endless Tammy! Love the texture on the 1st piece so please put me in for that one :)
    -x- Sami Jae.

  3. I love them both but put me in for the mini canvas if your willing to ship to US. beautiful work

  4. Oh, I love either one - you do beautiful work!

  5. Great pieces Tammy & thanks for the opportunity to win... I like them both very much but put me in for the second one - it would serve as a good reminder for me!!!

    Thanks again.

  6. Hello Tammy!

    What beautiful pieces of art! As much as I would love to drop my name in the hat for the first piece, I know how much shipping would cost to Canada.
    But I wanted to tell you how lovely those pieces are just the same :D
    Oh! This is Jenny (flowerchild) from DTEF btw!

    I look forward to more posts from you!

    - Jenny

  7. all so beautiful
    would be over the moon with either but shipping to UK is high.

  8. Lucky you getting some lovelt new books - it's always good isn't it? As to your giveaway I think both are lovely - although I would probably opt for the first if I was lucky!!! x

  9. oh..i will add my name for the first one...:) :)

  10. I missed out :( But I still wanted you to know how amazing they are! Very clever Tammy :)


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