So now I'm thinking ...

That I'll try and make him a Shirt. with this cute, cute, cute print. Which raises a new issue of alignment for me.
Should I cut each sleeve with this image on it ...

Put something cute on the pocket fronts ?

Or just let the cowboys lay as they fall  ie use the fabric in the most economical way with disregard for what sits where .... are matching cowboys cheesy? lol

The really big pressing question is do I reverse the collar piece to get the pattern sitting the right way when the collar is folded? The curved side is where the seam will be, I'm trying to visualise it never having made a shirt before, let alone one with a collar!
Any help or opinions much appreciated!

Ps . I just realised the sleeve is upside down too.


  1. OMGosh! I have absolutely no idea but I can't wait to see the finished shirt, it is going to be super cute no matter where the cowboys end up :)

  2. Soory no help from me! Just wanted to say i'm impressed you are tackling something you haven't done before. You are a talented busy bee. Looking forward to seeing the finished product -x-

  3. LOL! I was just about to mention about the cowboy being upside down on the sleeve, and all through the post, I was wondering, 'would it be rude if I point that out, or helpful?'

    So when you added right at the end that you knew about it, I laughed out loud!

    It'll look great when it's done, can't go wrong with such cool fabric

  4. Hey I'm a fan of all or nothing. I think the shirt would look fantastic in the total print. Just take your time and really look at each piece, thats the beauty of see through patterns. oh....and don't be afraid to stuff it up....thats when we learn the most!!

  5. if the pic from the previous post is anything to go by I don't think it will matter at all! little boys don't sit still often enough for anyone to notice and you'll go round the bend if you worry about matching things up! shirts are easier than you think...unless of course it has a yoke and a stand up collar....but I am sure you will manage :) go tammy!

  6. Wow you are really getting in to it! Let us know how you go as you are inspiring me!

    I think take your time and use the prints as part of the image - I know it waste fabric but That is what I would do!

    Ummm I am starting to think I want to make clothes!

  7. What a cute print, I think I would have to play with it to put a print on the sleeves & pocket. I cant wait to see how it turns out. I have sewing on my christmas gifting and your nudging me to get started

  8. oh i agree with all of the ladies so i am no help at all.
    PS how is the new oven and where is the bread..
    xx linda

  9. Please that fabric is adorable take the time to cut with care and get the cute pictures.

    Good luck

  10. T...i would definitely reverse the collar if it was me. Just switch it before you sew, then you will have the right side up..kwim...and the sleeves and pocket would look nice if they had a bit of a picture..i think...but it does not need to look exact and each sleeve does not need to have the same...however and whatever you choose try not to be too analytical...enjoy the ride...the fabric is gorgeous...:)x

  11. How cute is that fabric!!
    I would change the direction for the collar, not sure about the pocket, as the fabric is very busy it might get lost in amongst the other cowboys.
    Whatever you choose I'm sure it will look fabulous!


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