Not a bit of waste!

Miss 5 Loves Purple lately so when I saw this T Shirt on sale for 5.95 I bought it knowing I'd refashion it into something for her. After a recent surge in heat here a summer wardrobe assessment was needed and a shortage of shorts discovered.

So I took a pair of her shorts that fit now, folded the shirt in half and cut out around them allowing a fair bit of extra length and an allowance for seams. The good thing about refashioning a shirt like this is that the side seams and hems are already done for you : )

Then I had a brainwave to make what was left into a light swingy cardigan.
I cut straight up the centre front and hemmed the edges. I used the pieces remaining from where I cut the crotch of the shorts, folded it and sewed the seam attaching it as a tie closure at the front.

At the back I formed a pleat on the existing neckline to pull it in to a width short enough for her. I didn't hem it just did a shallow zig zag close to the edge, it will curl back onto itself.

Later I decided to embellish it a little adding a decorative button at the top of the back pleat.

A sweet little breezy summer out fit for just a little over $6.00 when you take the thread into account. The best bit ... not a scrap of the original shirt wasted, only a teeny tiny sliver from a trimmed seam went into the bin. I made a gorgeous skirt for her too but it was too dark to take pics of it by the time I got around to it.


  1. Far out Tammy - you're amazing!

  2. More than amazing I would say...I can't quite get my head around everything you just explained but it looks fantastic!!

  3. Wow! Awesome work! I'm still having fun over here with the crocheting! :)

  4. Great job! You can tell it was a success by the big smile on her face! I may just try this with some t's I have to make the baby some leggings. Can't wait to see the skirt

  5. Oh WOW great job. I am sure that i keep on saying YOU ARE SO CLEVER.

  6. We have a short shortage here too. Might have to try this!

  7. Wow Tammy you are so clever and your daughter looked lovely in the new outfit
    Have nice day

  8. Oh Tammy you are such an amazing crafter! VERY, VERY CLEVER!!!!
    & Beautiful :)

  9. Oh my gosh, that swingy cardigan is SO cute. Wow, you are one talented lady.

  10. that is just fabulous!!!!!


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