New Fabric ...

This one was on sale and had been in my cart for a while, its for stash.

These I just couldn't resist and had in mind for an apron ( I don't own one ) but they are so beautiful IRL ... I can see them as one of these but not sure if I could wear these bold prints myself as a clothing item. I am going to try and make that top for my daughter from other fabric.

These were the whole purpose of the online order in the first place, taking advantage of the great Aussie dollar and buying from the fat Quarter shop. Some boy fabrics, there was another in orange, green, black and white but it must have sold out before my order was complete. I know the one on the left was marketed as a baby fabric, I thought my 31/2 yo could still wear it but now I'm not so sure, it will require further thought.


  1. Those fabrics would make a lovely ruffle top. I made a ruffle top a few weeks ago it was great fun and v easy. I wear mine all the time. XX

  2. You are going to have lots and lots of fun with those wonderful fabrics. It seems like the patterns on fabrics just get better and better by the day!

    I got some sweet flannels for baby blankets making for Project Linus today on sale at our local fabric store. Yipee.

  3. Great shopping Tammy! No apron?! You must make one you go ;) xox

  4. I love the cowboy fabric! So sweet!

  5. Nice fabric. Am just about to get stuck into some of mine... xo Meagan.

  6. Isn't lovely to get new fabric !

  7. Those are very nice xx


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