It was my Birthday ... Presents!

So how about I share some presents this week...

1st off I'll share my Fish pond discount with you all.

To take advantage of this $10.00 discount until 11.59pm tonight...
Spend over $40.00 and enter this code NOKIFISH

I am making my first labneh right now : )
Also putting some serious thought, scrutiny and research into cooling options for our home. Two weeks of temps ranging in the thirtys after a mild winter have us worried about this coming summer. At this point we only have ceiling insulation and a renovation is still potentially on the cards so ceiling fans and roof vent/s seem to be the fore runners.

More Presents ...
I'll host a give away from my substantial Scrap Stash in the coming days.
I'll be blogging about a product we recently bought into our home to help with organisation where kids are concerned and have a give away associated with that later in the week ... and there might possibly be even more.

Go any buy yourselves some books, or use it to buy some Christmas gifts : )


  1. What a sweetie you are :)

    Those whirlybirds that go in the roof are quite good at drawing hot air out of the roof cavity...we noticed a difference when we put two in years ago.

    And ceiling fans are great in the bedrooms to make sleeping a little easier.


    Thanks for sharing the discount... looking forward to peeping your fabric stash but peeping organisational assistance is probably more what I need :)

  3. Looking forward to the post about the new organization tool. Maybe I could use it for my craft room?

    Happy birthday


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