Finding something good.

I'm having a terrible time fighting all manner of pests/bugs in my garden. Devouring my Strawberries, potato foliage and Carrot tops. Slugs and Earwigs being the main culprits and joined by at least 4 others for the party.

There is some happy goodness in it though, The tomatoes are growing big and strong as are the onions and ... We have pea pods. : )


  1. Oh no! Bugs eating all those healthy plants in your garden must be frustrating. Do you spray them with anything or just remove them? I found a snail on my zucchini plant today and the bug the visits the most in my vege patch would be the caterpillar they ate all my cauliflower.:(

  2. Nom nom nom... no more peas. Hehe. That's me eating them not the bugs. I hate those pesky bugs. I gave up my vege garden recently cos I kept losing my plants to them. Is your garden organic?


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