Yesterday I went to buy the kids some summer shoes and came home with these ... Not exactly what I had in mind but as My little girl ( who is growing up too fast ) was so mature about making a good decision and not having hot feet I caved and bought her two. As it turns out I need not have, as it seems she will never take these off.

Today she discovered this...

I think she loves them even more now her smile ever increasing as she danced around in the shaft of sunlight sending sparking lights across the room.

My exciting news is that I finished the shirt ... Ta Da

Look at that handsome little Model. I got their hair cut yesterday too and it has made each of them look at least a year older I think. The shirt could have done with being a little longer but I am quite happy with it. I modified quite a bit from the pattern detail not including all of the top stitching only adding one pocket and no flap on it.

I learned a lot about my sewing Machine in sewing this shirt and I feel really good about it too.

Right now I have home made pizzas in the oven and the family are in another room wrapping gifts. Its my Birthday this weekend and as one of my sisters most inconsiderately chose this weekend to get married we are having a birthday celebration tonight.

I'll post pics of the kids in wedding guest attire sometime over the weekend. I'm proud I made something for each of them to wear.

Have a great weekend whatever it entails!


  1. love your little ones sparkly shoes, i'd be doing the same aswell if I had those.
    happy birthday for the weekend!
    have fun.

  2. I can totally imagine the joy R is getting from those shoes!!
    Love the shirt, you are a very clever cookie :)

  3. Well done with the shirt! He looks so cute. And those shoes...what girl wouldn't like shoes that make faerie sparkles in the sunlight?

  4. I still want those shoes!! lol
    Talk about a cute shirt, totally adorable Tammy :)

  5. Oh my....clever you, Tammy!

    You have had such a wonderful shows through in this post,

    Handmade rules...learning so much, time to make pizzas and your justifiable pride in your beautiful children.

    All saved for posterity in your blog so when they grow up and become parents they have a visual diary of their childhoods.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, a great birthday (hugs) and a happy wedding, family time, warm weather, good food and lots of love and laughter.

  6. Tammy if i had shoes like that i wouldn't take them of either. They are way to cute. You did a great job with the shirt it looks really good, and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my blogging friend, i hope you have a lovely day and get spolit with lots of hugs and love.

  7. That shirt is gorgeous! Fantastic work Tammy! And those cute.
    Happy Birthday for the weekend!! Enjoy your home made pizza and you beautiful family :) xox

  8. Very nice shirt!!! and the shoes are cute too.w

  9. Those shoes are adorable. I want a pair!! The shirt looks great, you did such a good job.
    Enjoy your pizza and your birthday celebration!!

  10. Wow - impressive shirt! Was the collar tricky? What happy cute kids you have there.

  11. Happy Birthday Tammy! I hope you have the most wonderful weekend and are spoilt rotten! The shoes and the shirt and you little ones are all gorgeous. Have fun at the wedding. XX

  12. Those shoes are divine!
    Great effort on the shirt - I love that material too. I keep getting caught out with by my children's growth spurts with my sewing endeavours - I think I'm just going to sew for the next size up from now on!!!

  13. Congrats on finishing the shirt, it bought a smile to my face seeing your son in what I can only imagine will be one of his favourite shirts. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY!!! Hope you have a wonderful day with the people you love. xoxo Meagan.

  15. Happy birthday Tammy! The shirt looks great too. You're so clever!

  16. Oh, I can imagine how exciting those sparkly shoes must be! And that shirt looks fab. It's always good (and long, LOL) to have a project that teaches you things.

  17. I could use a pair of happy shoes like that... wonder if they come in grown up sizes...?!!


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