Dear Nan

Dear Nan,
Years ago I visited an Aunt. A daughter of yours. I admired a succulent in a pot by her back tap and she said it was a cutting she took from you growing like wildfire. She gave me a piece of it. You were still Alive at the time.
Mine never grew much and nor did it die I dragged it with me from place to place as the gypsy in me failed to find a settling place.
Once I did and it started to grow, to flourish I shared it with another daughter of yours, my Mum; and some of my siblings. Last year my own daughter plucked apart a good portion of my plant to make a birds nest, I was mad at first ... upset. I calmed down and looked at it differently. I explained to her that this plant was a connection with my dear Nan who she never would meet, and thats why I was upset at its destruction.
We watered her nest and it grew. Its her special nest plant.
I know that I am probably breaking some cemetery by law by bring some of this to you but I see this plant as a link that binds us all together through generations, through life and death. I want to share back with you some of what my daughter grew, what I grew, what my siblings and your daughters grew and all of it came from and was created by You.
Tomorrow the sad little plant in the yoghurt pot I left for you yesterday will probably be eclipsed by beautiful flowers and daughters visiting you and Grand pop on the anniversary of your passing, its been 10 long years.

I wish you had been around to meet my kids and see the woman I have grown into and the mother I am.
I think you'd be proud. I hope you like these simple 'babies toes' in their recycled pot.
I miss you Nan.



  1. Tears are welling in my eyes.
    Just lovely.

    What a wonderful way to remember her and to feel connected to her.
    Just lovely.

    Tears are rolling down my cheeks.
    Just lovely.

  2. What an amazing piece of living history to pass on through the generations. Thanks for sharing. xo m.

  3. Hey Big Sis,

    What a beautiful blog! I can't believe its been 10 years since nan left us :( SOOOO SAD!!! I miss her like crazy and wish she could have met my children too.
    What you have done is absolutely beautiful and i am sure if nan were here she would be proud of you and of your gorgeous family.
    The way you are raising your children is a credit to you, they are 2 of the most caring,sweet children i have ever met.
    Anyway luv ya


  4. What a lovely, lovely post. And what a lovely testimony to her.

  5. I have tears in my eyes as I read this. What a beautiful way to remember a woman who was obviously quite special in your life. *hugs*

  6. A very touching post Tammy.

  7. This is a beautiful post Tammy. I understand how much having that little piece of her means so much to you and how it reminds you of her always.Thank you for sharing.:)

  8. so touching Tammy .. that is a very special thing to do.

  9. I am new to your blog, but very glad I found it. Like others, I too have tears in my eyes. I think I would have liked Nan. You are a wonderful part of her legacy.


  10. What a lovely lovely letter/idea/thought - I am really touched, I too have tears in my eyes. My Nan never saw any of my children but somehow I have a feeling she knows them and looks over us now and then.xx

  11. What a beautiful post , really so lovely , what a tribute to a well loved woman .

  12. Oh Tammy...I am sure that your Nan would be so proud of the loving, supportive, caring mother, wife and friend you are.
    It's a beautiful way to remember her and always have her close.
    Lots of hugs from the top end Bianca xox


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