A bit about the Berries.

Our Strawberries are starting to ripen : )
None of them are especially big, I sneakily ate the first one and they are sweet and tart, it reminded me of eating blackberries from the bush as a kid.

I didn't actually get the first ripe Berry, just the first one uneaten by other critters out there.
The plant I blogged about a few weeks ago had set prolific fruit before any of the others but they all stayed small and green, as I was picking the fist buds out of my tiny tomato seedlings to get them stronger it suddenly dawned on me that one tiny plant could not sustain 30 fruits to grow and ripen.
I went out and removed over half the fruiting stalks this is in in the photo to the left, it was the second plant with ripe fruit.

The plant that had the first ripe fruit seems to be the current go to place for slugs and slatters. I saw holes in the first fruit as it was ripe enough to pick and then the second beside it too, I left them in place and to my interest I see the bugs are coming back to feast on the already nibbled fruits. I went out early one morning to see a slug nestled in one of the holes and the slatters seem to come in the afternoon for their feeds.
They have almost entirely eaten one fruit away and have two others on the go as well. Should I remove the fruit from the plant and leave it near by or by letting them go and sacrificing this one of good fruit will I save the rest from the same fate?
The original plant that I put into this spot months before the others, to see if was favourable, has been sending up tall leaf growth and now has speedily produced beautiful large perfectly shaped fruit currently at the white stage. I'm looking forward to these.

Here is a pic of the "Bug Cafe" plant with a visitor they don't seem to eat the other ripe fruit on this plant at the moment just this pocket.

In other garden news most of the tomato seedlings are growing well ATM and have more than doubled in size since I removed the flowers, onions are looking awesome, garlic is very sad and has all fallen over and the potatoes I popped in at the end of 'garden week' are starting to show leaves, A couple of the peas are tall, one has a lot of growth ( not tall ) and one I think we will loose. My Zucchini seeds have not done anything yet ...


  1. Tammy, I always love reading your blog, don't comment as much as I should but I've given you a blog award. Come visit to pick it up.

  2. We have about 7 little tomatoes on our plant and i said to Andrew is that all that we are going to get? They are really healty and pest free but is that it 7 for the whole summer?
    For his birthday last year we gave him a miniture nectarine tree and it is just starting to blossom, it looks so pretty.

  3. I've tried growing strawberries in the past, it was a disaster! So I always admire others who get anything growing on their strawberry bushes

  4. I love hearing about your veggie garden as mine is all packed up for the winter. Well I do have afew leeks left and the sprouts aren't ready yet but for now I will content myself with looking at your produce.

  5. I love gardening but hate the bugs and pests that sometimes get to the produce before I do! It is a challenge!

    We have fruit trees and they are very demanding also. Our apples were delicious and so sweet.

    Good luck and enjoy.

  6. Hi Tammy,

    Wow did that happen quick. Seems only yesterday spring started for you...They look very tasty to me too.

    Are yours the kind that will shoot out runners so you can cut them off and grow more plants? Always a good thing. That is how I ended up with so many plants here. I started with about 4 and now have dozens.

    I have to keep mine covered or the birds get them before I do.



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