Last night I got a lovely email from a lady called Maria in Ireland.
Hi Maria! Thanks for taking the time to tell me a little about yourself : )

I must apologise to my other readers and commenter's to whom I rarely respond any more. I want to assure you that I do read and enjoy every comment. I dedicate a lot of my online time now to my moderators position at the Down to earth Forum, it is a busy little place. I Co Ordinated a Christmas Deco swap there and its exciting now as parcels start whizzing their way around the world.

I was given a blog award by Ariad, it had a meme attached to it and I'm not really into those things (most of the time) ... can someone please tell me what meme  is/means? I keep seeing people saying they are playing along with meme's . It it just literally Me, me ... like pick me, look at me ... ???
I don't think its fair to re post the award if I'm not going to tell all the random things about me that are meant to go with it ... but it was nice to get an award, Thank you Ariad.

Where is the oven and the bread ... Hmmmm, I should have known my fellow bakers wouldn't let me get away with all this sewing for too long, tee hee, Cheeky Linda
Well to be honest I really haven't used that top oven since the whole glass shattering debacle. I bake and cook virtually everything in the lower half oven. I do still love my shiny new oven but I guess I'm weary of it. There is something I hate about it too, the grill trays are an absolute horror to clean, taking at least three washes to get it to just bearable but still not how I want it to be.
I haven't baked bread for a while since Dave discovered the packs of 20 bread rolls for $1.50 or less late at night in Woolies. I do still ultimately prefer the 4 ingredient home baked bread but I just have a lot of other things occupying my brain right now ... there will be home baked bread again ... before Christmas I hope ; )

The progress on the shirt is going well but I think I am up to the tricky parts now, collar and shirt front, it has sleeves and all the seams are sewn. I have only skimmed over the instructions and won't be doing more tonight, hope to have it done for Thursday but its not likely given our other plans over the next few days, I'd ultimately like him to wear it to a wedding on Saturday so I guess it will be ready by then.

Our Bottle brush flowers are starting to burst into life and we had two visits from these acrobatic honey eaters today, and a King parrot rudely dropped plums onto my head as I tried to get a pic of him.
** edited ... its actually a friarbird A Noisy Friarbird as far as I can tell from my book. Though when I saw it , it was very quiet. ; )

Happy Tuesday all.


  1. A lovely post Tammy.
    I actually made my first loaf in ages on Sunday and used the rest for pizza ,yum.

  2. You are very busy as usual- That's the thing about homemade bread- it does take some time...-but it was marvelous and my son complained he didn't get enough, so I will definitely do more 'before Christmas' too! Will you be showing your sewing project soon?
    I am very interested to see it- I really enjoy my visits to your blog- wishing you a great day-
    Annamaria :)

  3. Hey Tammy, Thanks for the comment about the doll. L'il B loves it! Don't get too carried away at my "secret" blogger site as it's something i am working on and i have to manually move each and every entry from over to the blogger acount- exhausting! So in the meantime stay tuned at the regular site- because the blogger one is a work in progress. xo m.


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