What do you do

When you are feeling frazzled and fragile emotionally and have a lot on your mind?
Take out some frozen fruit, that you stashed away at a time when you were more organised and try an experimental pie.
Frozen portions of Apple and rhubarb in pie crust.

Put some beautifully fragranced roses from your garden on the table and ditch the menu plan, serve up a meal of warming comfort food that includes everyones favourites to minimize the 'I don't like' whine.

Put your pie in the oven while you enjoy your dinner, feeling calmed by the fragrant roses, as you eat.

Whip up some cream and serve your pie.

Good smells, good food and nurturing others helps to make me feel calmer, more grounded and a little less stressed.


  1. {hugs} Sound like I nice way to cheer yourself up and enjoy your lovely little family :) xox

  2. Way to go...a gentle but productive distraction...everything is better on a full tummy!



  3. Good old comfort food nothing beats it. i hope it worked and am sorry to hear that you are frazzled. Go and find some me time for half an hour and relax.

  4. I hope tomorrow brings with it a happy day. Your dinner, dessert and flowers look like the perfect way to cheer ones self. Take care:)

  5. What a wonderful way to take care of yourself and your family.

  6. Sounds sensible to me. And the pie looks yummy!

  7. Yum, everything looks so delicious. I want a plate of that dinner!

  8. Sounds just perfect! The pie looks yummy and those roses are beautiful, bet they smell lovely too!

  9. It is a credit to you that you can recognise when you are feeling delicate and do things that will help you get through. I hope things start to look up soon.

  10. Oh boy...I am coming over to your house for dinner. That all looks so good and the flowers so pretty.

    Enjoy your evening...

  11. I do about the same thing Tammy, and I'd be proud of it too!

    Hope that you're feeling a bit more on top of it, that the tide of emotion is swept away and left you refreshed from the last 24hours.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog, it is always a delight to pop in to and read about how you are doing, and loving what you're doing.

  12. I feel better and I'm just looking at it!! ;)

  13. Hope your feeling better soon. Nice to know when we need a break...and take it!

  14. lol i love ur homely solution to frazzled. mine would probably be a bottle of wine and some chocky. no where near as healthy as u tammy. way to go :)


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