Vintage goodness.

So here are most of my chosen pieces from Poppas. A well used pyrex bowl, I need another mixing bowl and this one is sturdy and practical. A beautiful piece of glass ware, I have a set of these glasses in my collection and thought this one was the same but the stem is different. This is the piece that the girls shared their memories of with me. A Crochet doiley, one of many but the only one I took its hand made symmetry appealed to me. Last but not least two tablecloths, The floral is round with a seam running across its centre and a home made machine stitched hem, the  blue is square and the textured sections have a sheerness to the weave.

Look at this one strawberry plant in my garden, this one alone currently bears more fruit and flowers then we harvested from all the plants last year : ) Yummy, I can't wait!


  1. I love that little floral tablecloth. I also scored a few beauties at the op shop today. Post to come! xo Meagan.

  2. That is a healthy looking strawberry plant - good work!

  3. Tammy i love it all. The glass is so pretty.

  4. lovely treasure from your family Tammy.:) I was wondering if you still have the same email addy. Happy day :)

  5. The doiley and table cloths are so pretty. Lovely treasures. And what a generous strawberry plant you have! Hope you have a great week, Tammy.

  6. Wonderful family treasures. Enjoy them.



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