This Cheeky monkey

Can wink with either eye.

 and he's only three ..

He can whistle too.

I'm waiting her on this rainy afternoon for my family to arrive home. They left yesterday morning.
I'm enjoying the quiet after a day at work but Miss them all.

Thank you all for such kind encouraging comments and emails after my last post. I can always count on the blogging community for such sincere heartfelt support.

I hope you had a lovely weekend or enjoy what is left of it for my non Aussie friends.


  1. Thank you, we had a lovely weekend here. i am full to the brim after our yummy lunch and need to go and rest. Ha I sound like i am 100.
    Linda xx

  2. Oh boy is he going to be a hit with the ladies! :D

  3. what what what a dude!


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