Happy mail Day.

Yesterday was a great mail day ...

First up my swap package from the jelly wares wash cloth two swap. Thank you De-arne this is just gorgeous. I received it along with some carrot and nasturtium seeds. : )

Faric from Retro Mummy, this Paris Street Scene has twirly skirt written all over it!! The texture of the Russian dolls is divine.

Oh but how about this combo!! Yummy sent from Quilt fabric Delights.
I'm thinking I may use some of these for my lazy days skirt sew along.

Hope you all have great weekends ... and take a little time out for some sewing ; )

I'll post my last Floriade segment tomorrow, I haven't forgotten.


  1. Oh wow, excuse me while I drool on your fabric...here let me take it and launder it for you.....I love those prints!

  2. I love that Paris Street Scene fabric, Tammy! Wow, it's all so gorgeous. Lucky you! Isn't fun when gifts arrive in the mail?

  3. It was a great mail indeed. I love it all, the washcloth and all your fabric choices. Have a great weekend and have fun sewing. XX

  4. Oh, that wash cloth is the best. I can't believe how sweet the design is and that fabric...lucky you. Enjoy.

  5. I have my retro mummy fabrics too :)
    Everything is so beautiful but I'm especially loving the divine butterfly fabric, how good is that!!?
    That's a beautiful wash cloth too.

  6. Tammy dont you just love the mailman? All of the fabric looks wonderful and the washcloth is extra special. Happy sewing

  7. Hi Tammy, well done on your outing to Floriade with the kids in tow! They certainly did not go without...and I am sure they will not remember not having icecream, but they will remember qulaity time with Mum in beautiful surroundings! Your washcloth is gorgeus, lucky girl! I am jumping on your Retro Mummy link for sure. Tell me about Ottobre please, it looks interesting...the covergirl looks like Sophie D actually...I am sewing along with Mel & the lazy days skirters too! Got that new oven churning out goodies yet? Cheers

  8. Your wash cloth is lovely, beautiful colour!
    The fabrics are just gorgeous! Glad you had a fun time with the mail.
    Have you made chicken stock yet?????
    How is that fantastic oven going????

  9. Oh how I miss my postie! What great fabric Tammy. Totally twirly xox


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