Garden Week - how does your garden grow.

Planting things in the ground is making a commitment in my mind. I have always been a potted plant girl. This year things are changing. The first is a new bed a created. It currently has 4 snail eaten peas and two Roma tomato seedlings in it. Hopefully by the end of this week lots more.
I have onion, carrot and Zuchini seeds to plant as well as a stack of seed potatoes. Cherry tomato seedlings ready to go in too.
All of my gardens border the house or garage, this is at the back as are the existing onions and Roma tomato seedlings, the strawberries are at the front of our house. Mostly pictures following...

This is a new bed. big space for me.

Dwarf carrots grown from seed, sprouting.

Onions growing from purchased seedlings.

A little further along the same bed as healthy onions Roma tomatoes.

Heres my Garlic in a pot looking a little weather beaten ATM.

Thyme, marjoram, Parsley and a random potato, all very munched.

Especially poor marjoram, snail trap went in here yesterday.

Here are the strawberries ...

And another for good measure ; )

I have a very sick little boy here, I think its a 24 hour vomit bug, well I hope it is, I'm not feeling 100 % myself but it could be a hard night tinged with paranoia. So I'm not sure how Garden week will shape up for us, but keep an eye on Kates blog : )


  1. As you know i dont garden, i just enjoy all of Andrews hard work. One thing i do know that Andrew does is when he plants tomato seedlings of any kind he always puts in a banana peel and it makes a huge difference. We heard about it on the radio years ago.
    I hope that your son is better and that it hasn't spread to the rest of the family.
    Linda xx

  2. Hope your son's feeling better soon. Love the strawberries- I am so jealous- my bub kept pulling the flowers off my strawberry plant. I have my very first fruit coming in now... can't wait to taste it.

  3. Ooooh.. gardening season has been ended here by an abrupt, Autumn frost. Since we just moved I have not had a chance to go digging this year so I am ever eager to get planting! Your garden looks wonderful- can't wait to see how the strawberries turn out! I'm planning a big veggie bed, but most of my herbs will be in pots. They are so weedy, I don't want them taking over. Love the pictures!
    PS Hope your little one is feeling better soon! Being sick is NOT fun.

  4. Oh, I miss my veggie garden. I totally enjoyed seeing you wonderful photos of your garden. It is so much fun to 'grow to eat." So much more tasty than from the super market.

  5. Looks like a great plan T...i must remember to get that pic i promised you a wee bit back..:)x


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