Floriade - the wildlife

We saw lots of bird life while we were at Floriade, I even noted a little blue wren fluttering about near a painter set up with his easel but it was too quick for me to snap.
This little Magpie came near to us at lunch time, I told him we didn't have any food for him and he left us alone but I did leave plenty of crumbs for him when I shook out the picnic rug.

The swans just glided back and forth as if showing off their babies.

Some sort of Water fowl sitting up out of the water in the reeds, keeping a close eye on what was happening down below.

... and this is my children stroking a Boa Constrictor.
Mr 3's verdict ... it felt 'spotty'


  1. I just love the comment your little boy made about the snake, very cute. Lovely pictures of the birds looks like a lovely place to go and visit.:)

  2. LOL at the python feeling spotty :)
    Love that photo of the Magpie!

    Thanks for the visit to Floriade!!

  3. Great bird photos. I hate snakes so closed my eyes when I saw that picture.

    Have a nice evening.

  4. Lovely photos...looks and sounds like you are having a terrific time!

  5. oh wow tammy, your photography is awesome...change of career time i think. they are all so beautiful and detailed.

  6. Really nice photos Tammy. Tell your children that I think they are very brave. I HATE snakes and unfortunately we get a few where i live.

  7. Beautiful wildlife photos, Tammy! We have yellow-billed magpies here. I love the picture of the swan with the babies ... I wonder what they are called. (Swanlings? :o) Your boy is brave to pet that spotty snake!

  8. Oh..i was going to ask you if you were going this year...lovely shots T...we had Springtime on the Mountain here this past weekend here, which goes for 3 days. It was lovely. A few friends all went together. I had a lazy day though and left my camera at home. :)x


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